DRP succeeded in working towards two key texts, which are presently under the process of publication and shall be released during the course of the year 2017. These texts would be path breaking as it attempts to move beyond the arm chair intellectualism but is foregrounded by the knowledge that various communities shared with us. Emanating from strong roots of the lived- experiences, these texts narrate, how communities deal with the disasters and how these experiences are central in Disaster Risk Reduction.  These texts are being published by Palgrave, Springer and would be huge contribution in adding distinction to the available literature in the same field. The two texts are:

  1. “Disater Law, Emerging Thresholds ( Routledge, 2017) ( Published)
  2. Report Publications: Research Report, Lecture series, National and International workshops.(Published)
  3. Disaster Risk Reduction:  Community Resilience and Responses editors By: Bhupinder Zutshi, Akbarudidn Ahmed and S Ananda Babu ( Upcoming)
  4. Development and Disasters: Case Studies from North East India, By: Amita Singh, Thiyam Bharat Singh, N Haran and Milap Punia. (Upcoming)