JNU DRP organized a series of lectures advocating the study of disaster research and understanding of different perspectives on disasters for a large number of students, researchers and professors. The lectures covered various themes related to Indian meteorological department, role of Disaster Management Act in India, Disaster Management and its impact and basics of GIS/GPS applications in disaster research. The lectures intended to disseminate disaster research understanding by providing an overview of Disaster Management in India and to create leadership, increase knowledge, action orientation of disaster preparedness and responses, addressing the challenges by learning from the past occurrences of hazards or events and remodeling strategies to cope with ensuing disasters.

The series of lectures covered were:

  • Role of India Meteorological Department in Disaster Management – Dr. M. Mohapatra, IMD.
  • Role of Disaster Management Act in India – Dr. Nivedita Haran, Retd (IAS)
  • Disaster Management and its Impact – By Dr. P Puneeth , CSLG , JNU
  • Basics of GIS/GPS applications in disaster research”- By prof. Joshi SES, JNU