Prof. Amita Singh

    Amita Singh joined this Centre in 2001. She was previously teaching  Urban and Environmental Governance’ in the Department of Political Science at the University of Delhi and Public Administration at Kamala Nehru College ( University of Delhi).While Political Theory and Public Administration is her specialized field, she has further advanced her research into environmental policy and administrative reforms specifically into an ecological approach to reforms. This attempts to study an integrated implementation of land, forests, communities and water management programmes within administrative reforms. She is presently involved into a study of administrative innovations and best practices including e-governance measures required to accelerate pro-poor governance. She is a First Class and First Position holder in MA Political Science from Agra University in 1976 and completed her PhD in 1983 on “The Political Philosophy of Bertrand Russell”. She started her teaching career from the idealistic Gandhian Institution ‘Vanasthali Vidyapeeth University’ Rajasthan in 1978. She is a non-compromising animal and environmental activist heading the People’s Alliance for Animal Rights and Ecological Ethics, a registered NGO to link all dispersed struggles  of  campaigners for animal rights and planetary justice.

    Teaching Experience

    2001 ongoing                    Professor, Centre for the Study of Law and Governance, JNU, Delhi

    1986-2001                        Reader, Kamala Nehru College, University of Delhi

    June1986- Sept.1986       Lecturer, Lady Shri Ram College, University of Delhi

    1983 – 1986                      Lecturer, PGDAV College, University of Delhi

    1978 to 1983                    Lecturer, Vanasthali Vidyapeeth University,  Rajasthan,



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    Critical Impulse to E-Governance Reforms in India and Australia, coauthored with Prof. Carol Johnson of the University of Adelaide, Adelaide, Australia.

    Research Papers:  

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    Research Experience


    1. 2007 ongoing……  “Governance Knowledge  Centre: Capacity Building for Poverty Reduction”, with the Department of Administrative Reforms, Govt. Of India.
    2. 2009 ongoing…..  “Research Dimensions of Network of Asia-Pacific Schools and Institutes on Public Administration and Governance”, A collaborative endeavor of Public Administration Institutions of seven countries in the Asia-Pacific.
    3. 2008-ongoing….. “A Study of Innovations in Governance” in collaboration with the Government Innovators Network located at The Ash Institute of Democratic Governance, Harvard Kennedy School, Harvard University.
    4. 2008-2009,(concluded)”Save the Garden, Save the Worker: State of Social Justice for Retrenched Workers in the Closed Tea Gardens of Dooars in West Bengal”, with The National Legal Services Authority of India (NALSA).
    5. 2008 (concluded) “ A Study of Prisoners Welfare Programmes in Karachi Jail, Pakistan” In collaboration with PANAH Group in Karachi.
    6. 2007 (concluded) “Administrative Reforms and Institutional Ethics in the IV Report of Second ARC”.Ford Foundation Small Grant Project.
    7. 2005-2007 (concluded) “Telecom Regulations and Consumer Protection: Case Study of Bangalore, Chennai and NCR” Joint project with Dr. Jaiveer Singh,  For the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, GoI
    8. 2006-2007 (concluded) “Creating Subsidiary Institutions for the Capacity Building of Panchayats”,  Ministry of Panchayati Raj & Infrastructural Professionals , GoI. 2006 -2007.
    9. 2006 (concluded) “Evaluating Training Programmes for Civil Services (IAS etc.),” Department of Personnel and Training, GoI.
    10. 2004-2005 (concluded) “Evaluating ten Governance Practices and their Impact upon Administrative Reforms”, Department of Administrative Reforms, GoI,
    11. 2005-2006 (concluded) “Floodplains of Yamuna River: A Case Study of Land Acquisition in Sonipat and Panipat Districts, and Issues of Compensation” with Prof. O.P.Dwivedi, Prof. Clive  Southey, University of Guelph, Ontario, Canada,
    12. 2005 (concluded) “A Study of Godhra Tehsil level officers working for Mahiti Shakti in Gujarat” DARPG project.
    13. 2004 (concluded) “Impact of trans-national business upon local governance: Case study of Gurgaon” Ford Foundation Small Grant Project.
    14. 2004 ( concluded) “Local Governance Institutions and Deliberate Democracy : Case Study of two Globalizing Cities Gurgaon and Bangalore”,  a NAPSIPAG-ADB project for the Asia-Pacific Governance Studies.
    15. 2003 (concluded) “A Study of Rotarian Participation in local governance, Case Study of  Largo County in Pinellas  City”, Florida State Governance Group,USA

    Till 2001

    1. 1992-1994, “ A Study of Environmental Policy in India” UGC Project
    2. 1991, “Vegetarianism and Animal Conservation”, as part of an anthology for Santa Monica Conservation Group.
    3. 1990, “Status of Women with Higher Qualifications in India”, For Hunter College, SUNY, USA.


    2014Bangladesh Nawab Bhadur Syed Nawab Ali Chowdhury National Award in the field of womens’ empowerment


    International Lifetime Achievement Award,at the International Congress of  Women.


    ‘Millennium Award for Women in Public Service’ A  SUDINALAYA a Senior Citizens Home Award NALSA . 
    2007  Awarded National Legal Aids Authority NALSA award 2007 for Police research on Nithari killings. 
    2006-2007Australia-India Council Fellow for 2006-2007
    2005 E-Governance Award from the Department of Administrative Reforms, Bhubneshwar ,Orissa.
    2005E-Governance Award from the Department of Information Technology, Government of Orissa , Bhubneshwar ,Orissa. 
    2007Member Executive Board, Research Committee4 International  Political Science Association. 
    1977 Gold Medal for securing the highest percentage in MA Political Science in the University of Agra. 1971. 


    2009 ongoing…….Member Selection Committee under Juvenile Justice ( Care and Protection of Children) Act 2000.Department of Women and Child Development, Government of NCT,Delhi.
    2007 Ongoing………Member, Ethics Committee Indian Council of Medical Research,
    New Delhi. 
    2009 ongoing…….Advisory Board of The Nepalese Journal of Public Policy and
    Governance, Dhaka.
    2008 ongoing…….INSTITUTIONAL ETHICS REVIEW BOARD Jawaharlal Nehru University
    2008 ongoing…….Editorial Board Member of JOOAG Journal of Governance, Monash University, Melbourne.
    2008 ongoing….. Secretary General NAPSIPAG 2008.( Network of Asia-Pacific Schools and Institutes on Public Administration and Governance, Previously at INTAN Kuala Lumpur now at CSLG)
    2007 ongoing……Project Director of Governance Knowledge Centre at CSLG.
    2007-2008Academic Advisor NAPSIPAG, INTAN, Kuala Lumpur
    2005 ongoing……Nominee of the Committee for the Purpose of Supervision and Control of  Experimentation on Animals (Animal Welfare    Board    of the Ministry   of Environment and Forest ) 
    2006 ongoing……..Editorial Board of Grassroot Governance, Journal  of Academy of Grassroots Studies and Research of India (AGRASRI), Tirupati. 
    2006 ongoing………Member Executive Board, Research Committee4 International Political Science Association. 
    2005 ongoing………..Public Administration Theory Network (PAT-Net) Board Member, University of Nebraska, Omaha, USA.

    International Research Meetings/ Presentations

    2008-2009  Experts Meeting, Innovations in Governance: Ethics and Accountability in Public Sector, Ash Institute of Democratic Governance, Kennedy School of Governance, Harvard University, USA. 2nd April 2008.

    Hamdard School of Law, Committee for Welfare of Women Prisoners, APWA Legal Aid Call Centre and Women Prisoners Welfare Society ,17th- 19th April 2008 in Karachi, Pakistan.

    PANAH& Rehabilitation of Women Prisoners in the Correctional Homes in Karachi, Experts Meeting and Indo-Pak Collaboration for the Release of Prisoners, Karachi Jail. Karachi. Pakistan.

    Experts Meeting on AlternativeInstitutional Approaches to Ensuring Effective Governance for Growth, Poverty Reduction and the Delivery of Public Services,June 4-5, 2008, GDN, Washington DC, USA.

    ‘Strengthening Governance In Asia Pacific ; Capacity Building for Accountability, Transparency and Corruption Control’. NAPSIPAG, New Delhi 5-7 Dec 2008.

    “Challenges of Governance in South Asia”Nepal Institute of Public Administration, Kathmandu ”, Nepal, December 15 – 16, 2008.

    NAPSIPAG Executive Meeting, “Asia-Pacific Research Dimensions”  at INTAN Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 26-29th January 2009.

    Capacity building tools & depository of PPP in e-Governance Practices for developing countries. SOLUTIONS EXCHANGE, ICT Community for Development ,9th Feb. 2009, UNESCO, New Delhi.

     Varieties of Governance:  Effective Public Service Delivery, Seventh Global Research Project, 31st Jan. to 3rd Feb, 2009, GDN, Kuwait.

    “Displacement, Resettlement and Rehabilitation: Existing Laws and the Role of Judiciary” in  Rajeev Gandhi Foundation Seminar on “Protection of (IDPs) Internally Displaced Peoples rights through our Constitutional Provisions, Laws and Policies, 26th Feb.2009, New Delhi.

    Reverberations of Hope: Building Capacities of Governments and Public Administrators for Social Change and Gender Justice” at the International Congress of Women, IGJ,New Delhi, 3rd March 2009.

    (For previous years please see the JNU Annual Report of the past years)

    Lectures delivered outside JNU (National/International)
    (given below for only 2007-2009 period)

    • ‘Public-Private Partnership & Service Delivery’ Haryana Institute of Public Administration, Gurgaon 17th Feb.2009
    • ‘Right to Information: Limitations and Governance Dimensions’, Haryana Institute of Public Administration, Gurgaon 20th Feb 2009
    • ‘Special Economic Zones and Nandigram’ at PUCL Meeting on Democracy in India, 3rd April 2007
    • ‘Environment and Governance in India: Case to revisit the legal framework’, Dyal Singh College 11th April 2007
    • ‘ Governance Knowledge Centre : Proposed parameters of research’, Department of Administrative Reforms and Public Grievances, GoI, 25 th April 2007
    • ‘Critical Impulse on E-Governance’, Australia India Council /IGNOU Meeting 21st June 2007
    • ‘ICT in Development’ e-governance Meet CSDMS, 2nd Aug 2007
    • ‘Safety Nets and policy support for Women in Tea Gardens of North Bengal’, National Legal Services Authority of India, 8th Aug 2007
    • ‘Research Dimensions of BPR&D’ BPR&D Meet of Central Universities, 9th Aug. 2007
    • ‘E-Governance and Reforms in Haryana Bureaucracy’ Haryana Institute of Public Administration, 30th Aug.2007
    • ‘ICT in Health Programmes’ HIPA, 18th September,2007
    • ‘Gender and Poverty Reduction Programmes’ IFFPRI Meeting at Beijing 17th Oct 2007
    • ‘Citizen’s Charter and E-Governance for the Underpriveleged’, HIPA, 26th Nov.2007
    • ‘Designing pro-poor  e-governance programmes’,National E-Governance Programmes, 30th Nov.2007
    • ‘Global Challenges to Development Programmes in Asia-Pacific’, NAPSIPAG Key note address Manila, Phillipine, Dec 4, 2007
    • ‘Living with Climate Change:  Preventing policy backfire in Poverty  Reduction’, Indian Association for Australian Studies, Kolkata 22nd Jan 2008
    • ‘Consumer Protection and Medical Care’ HIPA  24th Jan 2008
    • ‘Police Reforms and Use of technology’ discussion group at Chicago Police Headquarters meeting through CUPPA, University of Illinois Chicago,Mar.25th 2008
    • ‘Mutual Learning and Best Practices Research’ Network of Global Innovators, Ash Institute, Kennedy School at Harvard University, 31st March 2008